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Agrimates For Government Department

  • India is farm leading Country.
  • Agrimates is useful website for Government.
  • Number of Government department now working for Farmer and Indian Agriculture.
  1. Government can gain Farmer and Crop related information from this site.
  2. Lots of farmers registered with this site. They provide basic information to this site.
    If government deparment wants to gain information and survey on farmer then this site is useful to government.

  3. Government can show the advertisement about Government Plan and Policy on this site.
  4. Government provide different policy related to farmer and Agriculture.
    On this site Government department directly show the policy that policy helps to farmer.
    i.e. Insurance, Loan, Farm Related business loan, Farm Related different schemes.

  5. On This site Governemnt show Any fake products or Ban products.
  6. Any one company thats provide farm related products i.e. Seeds,Fertilizers, etc.
    Governemnt show information related for ban products and fake products thats harm to farm.
    Using this information farmer alert about that products.

  7. Farmer and Government directly connect by using this website because number of farmer are present here.
  8. On this site government provide information of plan and policy related to agri.
    Number of farmer also connected to this site by using this site farmer can learn more thing i.e. In which plan how many rupees government provide subsidy, etc.

  9. Indian weather Department can show all weather related information on this site.
  10. Indian Government can provide weather related information on this site. i.e. Temperature, Rain, Earthquakes, etc.
    Indea Weather Information