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Benefits of joining Agreemates

Objective of Agreemates:

1.Farmer :
Farmers act as a member on this site who can interact with other farmers or can take advice from experts. Farmers can communicate with their friends about their problems. They can ask suggestions about marketing of their product because of which they can get more profit.

This site is useful to research on crops, fertilizers. For new farmers to knew which production will be suitable in particular weather.

They can get latest news or updates about crops and also the market rates which can help them to sale their product.

4.Implementation :
In implementation involves profile of user, Sign up for registration of new users, Log in page requires user id and password for each user.

It includes articles of experienced farmers because of which farmers can improve their farming can get knowledge about fertilizers or medicines information on different diseases.

Farmers get knowledge about market rates. They can also get advice about where they have to sell their product because of which they would be in profit.

Everything will be around Crops – and users will come together for specific interests – Share their practices and will grow.

Well known people or organizations associated with any activities related to agriculture and environment will be shown in this section.]

9.Export - Import Opportunities:
By sharing knowledge from all over the world, farmers will have better knowledge about the Export - Import Opportunities. Buy/Sell Online – savings will be utilized for better farming practices.

10.Government Schemes:
The ministries of Government of India come up with various schemes from time to time. These schemes could be either Central, State specific or joint collaboration between the Centre and the States. Agrimates will provide a platform through which farmers will be able to know more details about these schemes.