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development of an social networking based website that acts as a -
1. Profile and communication forum.
2. Online business social network.
3. Information platform for farmers and everybody related to agriculture and associated business segments.
4. Job Portal for job seekers and employers.
5. Market forecasting tool.
6. Survey engine.
7. Promotion of Products.
8. Crop Database and related business activities.
9. e-Journal for agriculture research, agriculture science research, agriculture engineering research - to publish research papers.
10. Helps to organize farming activities with the help of segregation of members, farmers, businesses, researchers , and everybody based on crop, geography, future interests, problems, area of expertise.
11. Crop based digital TV channels - to which user may subscribe.
12. . Ecommerce platform for ordering products .
13. Platform for discussion about several national/international policies.
14. Content collaboration, tagging and broadcasting tool platform (this shall get content from several sources and promote over Agrimates).
15. Blogging engine.
16. Tendering engine.

Users of this social network are -

1. Farmers
2. Students in this filed.
3. Universities and Educational institutes, Colleges
4. Job seekers and agriculture professionals
5. Employers
6. Researchers
7. Agriculture Authors
8. Government Departments and ministries
9. Agriculture Labs, KVKs, other extension centers
10. Agriculture Boards, e.g. NHB, NHM etc
11. Crop growers associations
12. Exporters/ Importers
13. Seed, Pesticides/insecticides, Fertilizer Companies
14. Agri Tourism
15. Agriculture equipment companies
16. Other Suppliers, e.g. Nurseries
17. Agriculture networks
18. Agriculture Economists
19. Agriculture related software companies
20. Everybody who is related to field of agriculture
21. Farmer Groups, farmer Clubs, SHG, small industrial units
22. Dairies
23. Animal trading and related users
24. Organic manure producers
25. Waste management units and sellers
26. Other renewable energy related businesses
27. Consultants
28. Pharma Companies - to buy plants etc.

Apart from above feature we are trying to provide SAAS based (Software as a service) few applications, few may be free and few may be subscription based - examples are -
1. Farm ERP
2. General Inventory
3. General Accounting
4. General Organizational Database and internal group management and online document management system
5. Nursery management
6. Budgeting system
7. Contacts management
8. Market rates
9. Crop Analytics
11. Crop Management
12. Other services
13. Weather forecasting

Other services which we shall offer are -

1. NHB or other project report creation
2. Help to get financial assistance
3. Soil Testing and based on it providing suggestions
4. Land deals
5. Farming outsourcing
All services, features, connectivity of users with services is provided in different detailed document.
Apart from above services - we shall publish monthly magazine which shall be distributes free of cost at few institutions and in paid form - this magazine shall have selected content from Agriculture and related field and also shall add up in revenues in print media, and advertising - also shall add to reach of Agriamtes.

Our platform shall have following applications -

1. Web application,
2. Mobile app,
3. SMS
4. Digital tv
5. Open X Ad server / Or any other required Advertising Infrastructure
6. Interactive ad framework - new way of advertising
7. Games Framework
This business plan will also showcase the expected financials and operations over the next three years. The Agrobytes IT Services Pvt. Ltd. (AITSPL) is a Pune, India based private limited that will sell advertising space while providing above services (paid/free) through its online platform ( to it above mentioned users. The Company was founded in 2008 by Uday Kadam and Hemant Kapase.
Agrimates will try to establish "Minimum Support Price" for agriculture produce - Farmers will have facility to sell Agri Produce, Value added Agri produce on advance orders or on ad hoc orders. Agrimates shall go to other industries to get this done - like stalls in IT park, main squares with the help of IVNAE. This shall also increase good user base over Agrimates. This shall result in better food security as well as consumption of pure and good food.